Early Autumn notes from Wine Country

Wine sings its own song

Napa County restaurants are back open, a breath of fresh air to many concerned residents.  What happens after that?  One can’t tell, but everybody here in wine country is still making great wine, and people around the world are still drinking it.  Restaurants though?  Ouch, got slammed by this Covid-19 bug, big time!  But who didn’t?

Wine?  It’ll be just fine!  Sings its own song, presses its own company, especially that world class vino that makes that indelible mark on the soul.  Its trademark position in our brains?  “Sit back and relax now my self,”… or at least “you’d better enjoy this wine you paid good money for it.”  lol

Great wine enjoyment should be a relaxing ritual- from that little spark of joy we get when deciding to open a bottle- to the actual selection and cork popping- then pouring into a fabulous wine glass and observing color and nose before disappearing into that distinctive flavor profile and sultry perfection.  Works every time!

The harvest is happening

Harvest is going on here in wine country!  White wines are already in and fermented, and the red grapes are now coming.

The smoke from all the wildfires has cleared.  A great relief to everyone here!

On a sad note, red grapes are affected by the wildfires

One sad note though is that the red grapes have so much smoke taint that most are convinced there will not be any good red wine for 2020 from our region.  Seriously!  And now wine producers who buy the grapes from the growers are trying to figure out if the contracts need to be honored or not.  For example, a wine producer has a contract with a grower to buy 10 tons of the cabernet grapes, but right before harvesting they test for smoke taint levels and the results confirm that the grapes will not be usable for fine wine, (BBQ flavor will dominate) so then the wine producer doesn’t want to pay full price to the grower for the grapes, (or pay at all) so the grower gets furious because they have production costs to cover etc.  So as you can imagine, tensions are high!

The good news is there is no shortage of wine!

But there are lots of vintages and varietals from all over the world to drink, so check your wine glass cabinet to see if you need to purchase any wine glass styles that you’re missing, Bordeaux, Burgundy?  White Wine?  If so check out our small family owned business Bestwineglass.com for a fantastic selection and reasonable prices.

Cheers Everyone

Andrew B.

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