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Never drink wine from a plastic cup!

Ever been to an event where wine was being served in plastic cups and wondered why the hosts were serving such terrible wine? Maybe it's not the wine, but the cup. The same way food is bland when you have a cold, not being able to smell the wine while sipping doesn't...

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Swirling, WineSnob 101

Swirling wine serves a variety of purposes, from practical to intellectual and perhaps even spiritual. To start, we should embrace the term “wine-snob” to push back negativity the way “nerds” owned the derisive label and turned it back on middle-school tormenters by...

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Living Consciously

The finest things in life could not be preserved, but must be experienced intentionally and consciously in the moment. No mere description or picture could account the details or capture the essence of exquisite experience. Let this inaugural post stand as a permanent...

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