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We found great quality glasses we could afford for large gatherings, even if a few get dropped now and then. Charles was very helpful in choosing the right glasses.

Sandi Garrett, Houston TX

BestWineGlass helped set the most elegant table for our wedding. Between the table settings and the wedding party gifts they were a big part of our wedding!

Jan Matthews, Minneapolis

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Starter Kit Brewing Results – Mr. Beer

We initially tasted our first batch of Czech Pilsner from Mr. Beer after it had aged in the bottles in the fridge for only a week or so. It was mostly flat and had a light, slightly citrusy taste. We did not expect it to build any additional carbonation as the cold...

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Home Brewing – Starter Kits

Quit dreaming about a man-cave full of gleaming copper and let’s get serious. After a couple hours of reading about brewing in general and comparing & contrasting the features and benefits of different starter kits, we thought the shortest distance between...

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Brewing Beer – Getting Started

We started with the query “how to brew beer” and got six Google Shopping ads showing brewing kits ranging from $49.99 to $7,900. These results may change over time but that’s a tremendous range, so where do you start? We’ve put in the time for you, so unless you want...

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Different Types of Wine Glasses

The correct glass makes all the difference. Glasses are the most important tool for our enjoyment of wine. Understanding how a wine glass affects the taste of our wines is important for enjoying any wine to its fullest potential. Preferences may vary, but there are...

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How to Enjoy Wine

EVERYBODY has a “Wine Knowledge 101” article in their blog arsenal, so I guess BestWineGlass should have one too! We focus not so much on “Learning About Wine” but instead on “Enjoying Wine.” Get a friend and open two bottles of equally priced, equally aged and...

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Never drink wine from a plastic cup!

Ever been to an event where wine was being served in plastic cups and wondered why the hosts were serving such terrible wine? Maybe it's not the wine, but the cup. The same way food is bland when you have a cold, not being able to smell the wine while sipping doesn't...

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